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Texas Bird Records Committee Report for 1993

Carl B. Haynie

     This report contains the decisions of the Texas Bird
  Records Committee (hereafter "TBRC" or "committee") of the
  Texas Ornithological Society reached during 1993.  For
  information on previous actions of the TBRC, see Arnold (1984,
  1985), Lasley (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991), and Haynie (1992,
  1992).  The TBRC requests and reviews documentation on any
  record of a Texas Review Species (see end of report) as well
  as any record of any species if requested to do so by a member
  of the TBRC.  Some of the records submitted to the TBRC during
  1993 were gleaned from old American Birds or Christmas Bird
  Count files; thus some portion of the work of the committee
  during 1993 was to catch up on older records.  The TBRC
  reached a final decision on 174 records during 1993: 127
  records of 53 species were accepted and 47 records of 30
  species were not accepted, an acceptance rate of 73% for this
  report.  There were 207 observers who submitted documentation
  (to the TBRC or to other entities) that was reviewed by the
  committee during 1993.

     This report officially adds 6 species to the Texas state
  list: Red-necked Grebe, Collared Plover, Wandering Tattler,
  Slaty-backed Gull, Green-breasted Mango, and Olive Warbler. 
  The grebe was elevated from the Presumptive Species List (see
  end of report) when photographs were recently uncovered and
  the submitted record was accepted.  The mango replaced
  "Anthracothorax species" which was added to the Texas state
  list in 1990.  During 1993, the committee also accepted a
  sight record of Social Flycatcher.  As a result, this
  previously unrecorded species constituted a new addition to
  the Presumptive Species List.  The above actions brought the
  official Texas state list at the end of 1993 to 590 species in
  good standing.  And with the removal of Red-necked Grebe and
  the addition of Social Flycatcher, the official Presumptive
  Species List remained at 4 species.

     The TBRC solicits reports of any species on the Review
  List as well as any species not previously accepted for Texas. 
  We desire written descriptions as well as photographs and tape
  recordings if available.  If anyone has information concerning
  a Review Species but is unsure how to submit that information
  please contact any member of the TBRC or contact the committee
  secretary, Greg Lasley, 305 Loganberry Court, Austin, Texas
  78745-6527.  For guidelines on preparing rare bird
  documentation, readers are encouraged to consult "How to
  Document Rare Birds" (Dittmann and Lasley 1992).

     The records in this report are arranged taxonomically
  following The AOU Checklist of North American Birds (AOU 1983)
  as currently supplemented.  A number in parentheses after the
  species name represents the total number of accepted records
  in Texas for that species at the end of 1993.  In instances
  where birds were known to return from previous years, this
  number will be followed by a slash and a second number.  The
  second number denotes the total number of accepted records if
  returnees are excluded.  The number(s) will be listed for all
  Review Species, but not for certain other species (see end of
  report).  Within each species the records are listed
  chronologically.  All observers who submitted written
  documentation or photos of accepted records are listed by
  initials.  If known, the initials of those who discovered a
  particular bird are in boldface (assuming the discoverers
  submitted a description).  There has been no attempt to list
  all observers who saw a particular bird.  The TBRC file number
  of each accepted record will follow the observers' initials. 
  This number consists of the year the record was originally
  submitted to the committee followed by a dash then a number. 
  If photos are on file with the TBRC, the Texas Photo Record
  File (TPRF) (Texas A&M University) number is also given.  If
  a tape recording of the bird is on file with the TBRC, the
  Texas Bird Sounds Library (TBSL) (Sam Houston State
  University) number is also given.  Specimen records are
  denoted with an asterisk (*) followed by the institution where
  the specimen is housed and the catalog number if available. 
  The information in each account is usually based on the
  information provided in the original submitted documentation;
  however, in some cases we have supplemented this with a full
  range of dates the bird(s) was present if that information was
  made available to us later.  All locations in italics are

     TBRC Membership. -- Members of the TBRC during 1993 who
  participated in decisions listed in this report are:  John
  Arvin, Chairman, Keith Arnold, Academician, Greg Lasley,
  Secretary, Carl Haynie, Martin Reid, Chuck Sexton, Bret
  Whitney, David Wolf, and Barry Zimmer.  During 1993, Bret
  Whitney retired from the committee, John Arvin was elected
  Chairman, Chuck Sexton was elected to a second term, and
  Martin Reid and Gail Luckner were elected as new members.

     Contributors. -- Richard Albert, Lynne Aldrich, Richard
  Allan (RAl), Tony Amos, Jim Anderson, Margaret Anderson,
  Nanette Armstrong, Rich Armstrong, M. J. Atkinson, Mike Austin
  (MAu), Paul Baicich, Alma Barrera, Bruce Barrett, Charles
  Bender (CBe), Chris Benesh, Lorie Black, Hazel Bluhm, David
  Bradford, Marcia Braun, David Brotherton (DBr), Tim Brush,
  Kelly Bryan, Frank Bumgardner, Dennis Caputo, Oscar Carmona,
  Dawn Carrie (DCa), Charlie Clark, Fred Collins, Arlie Cooksey,
  Mel Cooksey, Louise Crow, Jim Culbertson, Pat Culbertson,
  Rosalie Cutrer, David Dauphin, Laurel DeVaney (LDe), Lewis
  Dimfast, Gladys Donohue, Jon Dunn, Gil Echrich, Kim Eckert,
  Tom Edwards (TEd), Victor Emanuel, Doug Emkalns, Ted Eubanks,
  Mike Farmer, Bill Farnsworth (BFa), Shawneen Finnegan, Dean
  Fisher, Phyllis Frank, Tony Frank, Brush Freeman, Louise
  Gambill, Red Gambill, Hugh Garnett, John Gee, Brian Gibbons,
  Jeff Gordon (JGo), Peter Gottschling, Jesse Grantham (JGr),
  Janet Green, Mary Gustafson, Frank Hahn, Bruce Hallett,
  Laurens Halsey, Jane Hamilton, Peggy Harding, Joe Harris
  (JHa), Michael Harvey, Tyrrell Harvey, Carl Haynie, Thomas R.
  Hays (TRH), Rhandy Helton, Dick Henderson, R. Tod Highsmith
  (RTH), Petra Hockey (PHo), Buddy Hollis (BHo), Joan Howard
  (JHo), P. D. Hulce (PDH), Joe Ideker, Pete Isleib, Nick
  Jackson, Carlene Johnson, Corky & Joye Johnson (C&JJ), Willard
  Johnson, Betty Jukes, Wulf Kappes, John Karges (JKa), John F.
  Kelly (JFK), Richard Kinney, Jane Kittleman, Ed Kutac, Leon
  LaLonde, William Lamond, Greg Lasley, Paul Lehman, Margie
  Little (MLi), Ray Little, Mark Lockwood, Sue Lower, Gail Diane
  Luckner (GDL), Guy Luneau (GLu), Joan Luneau, Leon Lynn (LLy),
  Fermin Mancha, Michael Manson (MMa), Curtis Marantz, David
  Mark, Dave Markley, Dennis Martin (DMa), Steve Matherly (SMa),
  David Matson (DaM), Terry Maxwell, John McBride (JMcB), Guy
  McCaskie, Elric McHenry (EMcH), Brad McKinney, Paul McKneely,
  John McLemore (JMcL), Steve Metz (SMe), Paul Micallef (PMi),
  Brian Minshull (BMi), Steven Mlodinow, Marilyn Moore, Arnold
  Moorhouse, Elaine Morman, Jack Morman, Vicky Mosely, Allan J.
  Mueller (AJM), John Muldrow (JMu), Derek Muschalek (DMu),
  Terry & Jeanie Naas (T&JN), Ken Nanney, Bruce Neville (BNe),
  Nancy Newfield, Michael Nickell, Bob Norris, John O'Brien,
  Norman Orr, Brent Ortego, Paul Palmer, Mike Patterson, Dick
  Payne, Stephen Perry, Bruce Peterjohn, Jim Peterson, Tom
  Pincelli, Perry Ping (PPi), Lea Pummill, Richard Purvis,
  Michael Quinn, Ross Rasmussen (RRa), Martin Reid, Bill Reiner,
  Barbara Ribble (BRi), Debra Richards (DeR), Don Richardson,
  Don Riley (DoR), Jan Risser, Will Risser, Karyn Rotker (KRo),
  Ed Rozenberg, Ken Russell, Rod Rylander, Willie Sekula, Lonie
  Selby, Maurice Selby, Chuck Sexton, W. Shifflett (WSh), David
  Sibley (DSi), J. W. Sifford (JWS), David Simon, Dick Sloss,
  John Smith (JSm), John Sproul, Darleen Stevens (DSt), Byron
  Stone, Glenn Swartz, Scott Swengel, Bill Tarbox, Robert
  Thacker (RTh), Timothy Thomas, Jay Thomasson, Mike Thompson,
  Steve Thompson, Ian Tizard, Robert Tizard, John Trochet (JTr),
  Cathy Turney, Sue Utterback, Allen Valentine, Eric Vanderwerf,
  Bettye Vernon, Peter Walsh, Brent Wauer, Ro Wauer, Matt White
  (MWh), Frances Williams, Steve Williams, Kris Wilson, Walt
  Wilson, David Wolf, Mimi Wolf, Alan Wormington, and Barry

     Acknowledgments. -- The TBRC is very grateful to the many
  contributors listed above, without whom this report would not
  be possible.  We would also like to offer our sincere thanks
  to the following consultants who provided the TBRC with expert
  opinion, advice, or other information concerning records
  reviewed during 1993: Robert Bleiweiss, Gary Graves, Dave Lee,
  Robert Ridgely, Tom Schulenberg, Dick Sloss, and F. Gary
  Stiles.  The author would especially like to thank Greg Lasley
  for reviewing the draft of this article and for making several
  helpful comments and suggestions.

     Additional Abbreviations. -- AB = American Birds
  magazine; AMNH = American Museum of Natural History; BBNP =
  Big Bend National Park; GMNP = Guadalupe Mountains National
  Park; NWR = National Wildlife Refuge; SP = State Park; TCWC =
  Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection (Texas A&M University);
  TOS = Texas Ornithological Society.

                           Accepted Records
     Red-throated Loon (Gavia stellata) (18).  Two were
  photographed on Lake Texoma, Grayson during their stay 20
  December 1991 & 24 February - 14 March 1992 (HG, MP; 1992-42,
  TPRF #1103).  One bird, apparently stained by oil, was
  photographed at Mustang Island, Nueces on 11 January 1992 (BG;
  1992-83, TPRF #1115).  Two were on Lake Tawakoni, Rains from
  31 January - 7 February 1993 (MWh, RK; 1993-29).

     Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica) (39).  An adult in breeding
  plumage flew by the Port Bolivar - Galveston ferry, Galveston
  on 26 April 1990 (KR, LDe; 1990-113).  One was on Calaveras
  Lake, Bexar on 7 December 1991 (WS; 1992-75).  Up to two were
  seen and photographed on Offatt's Bayou, Galveston from 24
  December 1991 - 21 May 1992 (PG, GDL, JD, TF, PF, GL; 1992-41,
  TPRF #1105).  One was photographed on Lake O' The Pines,
  Marion during its stay 13 January - 16 February 1992 (KN, PH,
  JWS, HB, FB, DW; 1992-22).  A weakened bird was photographed
  from the beach at Port Aransas, Nueces on 28 May 1992; it
  later died (TA; 1992-86, *TCWC #13003, TPRF #1079).  Up to two
  were on Lake Tawakoni, Rains/Van Zandt from 12 December 1992 -
  7 February 1993 (RK, CH, MR, PPi, MWh; 1992-167 & 1993-21).

     Yellow-billed Loon (Gavia adamsii) (2).  One was on Lake
  O' The Pines, Marion from 12-14 January 1992 (JD, SU, PH, KN;
  1992-23).  This second record for Texas was the first yellow-
  billed considered "chaseable" by birders, however it proved to
  be disappointedly elusive.

     Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena) (8).  One was
  photographed on Big Lake, Reagan during its stay 23-30
  November 1975 (TM; 1992-129, TPRF #1069).  This recently
  uncovered photograph was enough to elevate the species to full
  status on the Texas list.  As a result, the five records
  formerly categorized as "accepted presumptive species" join
  the three records accepted here in sharing full status.  One
  was at Freeport, Brazoria on 19 December 1982 (DD, ER, JMcL,
  DC; 1991-101).  One was on Bob Sandlin Lake, Titus on 15
  November 1992 (RAl; 1993-2).

     Greater Shearwater (Puffinus gravis) (5).  One was found
  dead on the beach at Padre Island, Kleberg on 6 September 1991
  (JFK, MQ; 1992-20, *TCWC #xxxx, TPRF #1076).

     Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) (7).  One was in the
  channel in north Galveston, Galveston on 26 December 1990 (PF,
  TF; 1991-1).  After three circulations and much discussion at
  the annual meeting, this first sight record for the species in
  Texas was accepted.  As was the case here, it was argued that
  sight and even photographic records of this species would be
  very difficult to impossible to distinguish from Short-tailed
  Shearwater.  But given the high improbability of the latter's
  occurrence in the Gulf, the committee agreed that all future
  records of Sooty/Short-tailed Shearwater (including the two
  records here) would be treated as Sooty Shearwater.  One was
  off Boca Chica, Cameron on 6 January 1992 (JD, SU; 1992-27).

     Audubon's Shearwater (Puffinus lherminieri) (12).  One
  was found dead on the beach at Port Aransas, Nueces on 23
  January 1989 (TA, GL; 1992-46, *TCWC #1281x(x=6or4?), TPRF
  #1096).  One was 70 miles east of Port Aransas on 18 September
  1992 (CH, MR, CS; 1992-123, TPRF #1068).

     Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster) (12).  One was picked up
  sick from West Beach on Galveston Island, Galveston on 25 July
  1983 when it was turned over to a rehabilitator, but it later
  died (AJM; 1992-156).  Regrettably, no photographs were taken,
  the specimen was discarded, and we were left only with a
  barely acceptable description.

     Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) (31).  One was in
  Austin, Travis on 7 May 1991 (BR; 1991-63).  One was
  photographed in McAllen, Hidalgo during its stay 5-9 April
  1992 (RG, LG, BZ; 1992-73, TPRF #1080).  Two were near
  Petronilla, Nueces on 16 & 17 April 1992 (AC, MC, GS, RL, MLi;
  1992-66).  One was photographed at Fort Bliss, El Paso during
  its stay 29 April - 4 May 1992 (BZ; 1992-91, TPRF #1097).  One
  was photographed at High Island, Galveston during its stay 7-8
  May 1992 (FC, JD; 1992-97, TPRF #1085).  One was photographed
  in Austin during its stay 16-17 May 1992 (VE, GL, EK; 1992-71,
  TPRF #1093).  One was in southeast Dallas from 8-23 May 1992
  (RRa; 1992-79).  Two were photographed on West Galveston
  Island, Galveston on 21 June 1992 (TE; 1992-111, TPRF #1086). 
  Two were photographed in northwest Fort Worth, Tarrant on 19
  December 1992 (CH; 1992-168, TPRF #xxxx).  One was at Santa
  Ana NWR, Hidalgo from 30 December 1992 - 2 January 1993 (JI,
  VM, JMcB; 1993-19).

     Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope) (12).  A male was north
  of Funston, Jones from 17 February - 2 March 1992 (TEd, LB,
  JHo; 1992-82).

     Barrow's Goldeneye (Bucephala islandica) (3/2).  Last
  year's drake returned for its second year to La Porte, Harris
  from 17 December 1992 - 19 January 1993 (BHo, LL; 1992-169).

     Masked Duck (Oxyura dominica) (19).  Unless otherwise
  noted, all birds were in "female" plumage.  Three were at
  Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo from 28-30 December 1975 (GM; 1992-
  147).  One breeding-plumaged male was in Hidalgo on 24 June
  1990 (JR, WR; 1990-119).  One was at Laguna Larga on the King
  Ranch, Kleberg on 24 April 1992 (MF, JGr; 1992-68).  One was
  in Seadrift, Calhoun from 14 December 1992 - 3 January 1993
  (WJ, RW, PHo, JT, GDL, GL, CH, MC, AC, PG, ML; 1992-161, TPRF
  #xxxx).  Up to four were at Brazos Bend SP, Fort Bend from 20
  December 1992 - March 1993 (DB, BT, DCa; 1993-1).  One was at
  Santa Ana NWR from 25-27 December 1992 (SMa, GDL, JC, PC;
  1993-12, TPRF #xxxx).  A photograph documenting this record
  was published in AB 47:321.  The preceding 4 records and 10
  reports currently in circulation bear testimony to the large
  incursion of Masked Ducks witnessed during 1992 and 1993.  

     Collared Plover (Charadrius collaris) (1).  One adult
  female was at the Uvalde National Fish Hatchery, Uvalde from
  9-12 May 1992 (GDL, DF, GL, CS, ML, WS, CH, JMu, CC, LA, AC,
  BO, RH, RTH; 1992-70, TPRF #1099).  Photographs documenting
  this first record for the United States were published in AB
  46:501 and on the cover of the TOS Newsletter, 40(2).

     Northern Jacana (Jacana spinosa) (16).  At least two
  immatures were photographed below Falcon Dam, Starr during
  their stay 6 November 1992 - 15 April 1993 (SW, MF, GDL, DH,
  CM, SM, OC, JI, CH; 1992-131, TPRF #1100).  One immature was
  photographed in Seadrift, Calhoun during its stay 10 December
  1992 - 22 April 1993 (JA, BFa, CH, GDL, GL, MC, AC, PG, ML;
  1992-159, TPRF #xxxx).  Another immature was at Santa Ana NWR,
  Hidalgo from 12 February - early May 1993 (DMa, BM; 1993-26).

     Wandering Tattler (Heteroscelus incanus) (1).  One was in
  Galveston, Galveston from 23 April - 8 May 1992 (MT, BMi, MR,
  GDL, DB, LH, RTh, TF, PF, LA, JD; 1992-64, TPRF #1090).  A
  photograph documenting this first record for Texas was
  published in AB 46:500.

     Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima) (11).  One was in
  Freeport, Brazoria on 20 December 1992 (DD; 1993-11).

     Ruff (Philomachus pugnax) (16/13).  One was in Austin,
  Travis from 25 July - 2 August 1992 (CS, GL, TF, PF, GDL;
  1992-110, TPRF #1087).  Another (believed to be a different
  individual) was in Austin from 18-21 August 1992 (BF, GL;
  1992-112, TPRF #1098).  Photographs documenting these two
  records were published in AB 46:1155 and AB 47:116,

     Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicaria) (22).  Two juveniles
  were in Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches on 12 October 1979 (CT, SL,
  DW; 1992-76).  One in basic plumage was in San Antonio, Bexar
  from 26 May - 1 June 1983 (TH; 1992-128).  At least two in
  basic plumage were in El Paso, El Paso on 3 October 1992 (BNe,
  DE; 1992-125).

     Little Gull (Larus minutus) (20/16).  An immature was at
  San Luis Pass, Brazoria/Galveston on 9 February 1986 (DD, DeR;
  1992-144).  A second-winter bird was photographed north of
  Mustang Island SP, Nueces from 12-13 January 1992 (JMu, FB,
  SMe, MR, PP, RL, MLi; 1992-11, TPRF #1081).  One adult was at
  Wright Patman Lake, Bowie on 29 January 1992 (AW; 1992-38). 
  One adult was photographed in east Fort Worth, Tarrant during
  its stay 6-21 March 1992 (JWS, CH; 1992-43, TPRF #1102).  An
  adult returned to Lake Waco, McLennan on 1 December 1992 - 31
  January 1993 (JMu, DB, GDL, CH, FB; 1992-152, TPRF #xxxx).  At
  least one adult was at White Rock Lake, Dallas from 5-27
  February 1993 (RA, NA, RRa, MAu; 1993-23).  A first-winter
  bird was photographed in San Antonio, Bexar during its stay
  10-11 February 1993 (WS; 1993-22, TPRF #xxxx).

     California Gull (Larus californicus) (24).  An adult was
  at East Beach on Galveston Island, Galveston on 20 January
  1980 (PDH; 1992-154).  One adult was photographed on North
  Padre Island, Kleberg/Nueces on 24 December 1991 (MC, AC;
  1992-51, TPRF #1107).  One second- or third-winter bird was at
  Port Aransas, Nueces on 25 December 1991 (MC; 1992-52).  A
  third-winter bird was photographed in Galveston, Galveston on
  17 February 1992 (AW, WL; 1992-39, TPRF #1108).  A first-
  winter bird was photographed in San Antonio, Bexar during its
  stay 21-27 November 1992 (WS, GDL, JM, EM; 1992-150, TPRF
  #1104).  One first- or second-winter bird was at Lake Waco,
  McLennan from 28 November 1992 - 17 January 1993 (JMu, PI;
  1992-153).  A first-winter bird was photographed in San
  Antonio from 5-9 January 1993 (WS, ML; 1993-15, TPRF #xxxx).

     Thayer's Gull (Larus thayeri) (19).  A first-winter bird
  was photographed at Lake Waco, McLennan during its stay 1-10
  December 1991 (JMu, FB; 1992-54, TPRF #1114).  A second-winter
  bird was at the Brownsville City Landfill, Cameron from 5-10
  February 1992 (DSi, GDL; 1992-61).  A first-winter bird was at
  White Rock Lake, Dallas on 24 January 1993 (CH, MR; 1993-17).

     Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus) (56/45).  One
  first-winter bird was photographed at the Brownsville City
  Landfill, Cameron on 6 January 1992 (JD; 1992-28, TPRF #1072). 
  One adult was at the Brownsville City Landfill from 7-22
  February 1992 (CB, CH; 1992-57).  A first-winter bird was
  photographed at Boca Chica, Cameron on 12 February 1992 (AW,
  WL; 1992-58, TPRF #1110).  A first-winter bird was
  photographed at Quintana, Brazoria on 16 February 1992 (AW,
  WL; 1992-59, TPRF #1111).  An adult was photographed at Beach
  City, Chambers on 17 February 1992 (AW, WL; 1992-60, TPRF
  #1109).  One second-winter bird was at Braunig Lake, Bexar on
  27 December 1992 (WS; 1993-6).  One adult was photographed at
  Port Aransas, Nueces on 9 January 1993 (GDL; 1993-16, TPRF
  #xxxx).  The Mustang Island bird, documented since 1983,
  returned 11 October 1992 - 11 April 1993.

     Slaty-backed Gull (Larus schistisagus) (1).  One third-
  winter bird was at the Brownsville City Landfill, Cameron from
  7-22 February 1992 (DSi, CB, BM, JK, JMu, AW, BB, RA, NA, MR,
  WS, LA, CH, GDL; 1992-24, TPRF #1071).  A photograph
  documenting this first record for Texas, one of only a handful
  of records outside Alaska, was published in AB 46:332.

     Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus) (51).  One immature
  (first or second winter) was at Bolivar Flats, Galveston on 29
  April 1978 (DaM, EMcH; 1992-135).  Another immature was found
  weakened on the beach and later died at Port Aransas, Nueces
  on 9 May 1991 (TA, GL; 1992-21, TCWC #12927, TPRF #1077). 
  This small-looking bird was initially thought to be an Iceland
  Gull until the specimen was critically examined.  One first-
  winter bird was photographed at the Brownsville City Landfill,
  Cameron during its stay 28 December 1992 - 1 January 1993 (CH,
  PW, PI, JHa; 1993-9, TPRF #xxxx).  A first-winter bird was
  photographed in San Antonio, Bexar during its stay 3-9 January
  1993 (WS, ML; 1993-5, TPRF #xxxx).

     Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) (16/12).  One
  third- or fourth-winter bird was discovered in Harrison on 30
  December 1992, and it was later relocated at Lake O' The
  Pines, Marion where it spent 3 January - 27 March 1993 (GLu,
  DBr, PH, HB, JD, JL; 1993-4, TPRF #xxxx).  A photograph
  documenting this record, the first inland record for Texas,
  was published in AB 47:1007.

     Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) (39).  Unless
  otherwise noted, all birds were in first-winter plumage.  One
  was off Galveston, Galveston from 27-29 November 1981 (NJ;
  1992-142).  One was in Freeport, Brazoria on 21 December 1986
  (DD; 1992-101).  Another was in Freeport on 17 December 1989
  (DD; 1990-104).  One was photographed at Boca Chica, Cameron
  during its stay 6-12 January 1992 (JD, AM, MF, DoR; 1992-29,
  TPRF #1073).  One was at Lake Livingston, Polk from 23-28
  March 1992 (DW; 1992-65).  One was in Freeport on 20 December
  1992 (DD; 1993-10).

     Sabine's Gull (Xema sabini) (26).  One juvenal plumaged
  bird was at Hagerman NWR, Grayson on 12 October 1990 (RC, BV;
  1990-134).  Another juvenal plumaged bird was photographed at
  Lake Waco, McLennan on 20 October 1991 (JMu; 1992-55, TPRF

     Bridled Tern (Sterna anaethetus) (9).  Three were 67
  miles east of Port Isabel, Cameron on 12 September 1992 (WS,
  MR; 1992-119, TPRF #1066).  A photograph documenting one of
  these birds was published in AB 47:117.  Two were 60 miles
  east of Port Aransas, Nueces on 18 September 1992 (CH, MR, CS;
  1992-116, TPRF #1067).

     Brown Noddy (Anous stolidus) (3).  One was 60+ miles east
  of Port Isabel, Cameron on 12 September 1992 (MR; 1992-122).

     Ruddy Ground-Dove (Columbina talpacoti) (9).  One female
  was photographed at Cottonwood Campground, BBNP, Brewster
  during its stay 24 December 1991 - 5 May 1992 (WK, EV, CS, BP,
  MG, BO, DB, RA, NA, GM, JD, MC, AC, GL, GDL, LA, PG; 1992-12,
  TPRF #1075).

     Mangrove Cuckoo (Coccyzus minor) (6).  One was
  photographed at Laguna Atascosa NWR, Cameron during its stay
  25 April - late July 1992 (WW, FH, RG, LG; 1992-87, TPRF

     Green-breasted Mango (Anthracothorax prevostii) (1).  One
  female or immature was photographed, captured, measured,
  feather-plucked, and released in Corpus Christi, Nueces during
  its stay 6-27 January 1992 (CJ, WJ, CC, GL, CS, JD, PL, SF,
  MC, AC, GDL, PG, FB, BRi, LA, NN, LP; 1992-10, TPRF #xxxx). 
  A photograph documenting this first record for the United
  States was published in AB 46:332.  Due to the complexity in
  Anthracothorax identification, a half dozen authorities on
  neotropical hummingbirds were consulted.  Consultants and
  committee members generally concluded the bird was prevostii
  beyond a reasonable doubt and the record was accepted. 
  Numerically, the addition of Green-breasted Mango to the
  Review List resulted in the removal of "Mango species"
  previously added in 1990.  Consequently, no numerical
  difference to the total accepted species count was realized.

     Broad-billed Hummingbird (Cynanthus latirostris) (12). 
  An adult male was photographed in El Paso, El Paso during its
  stay 1 December 1991 - 8 January 1992 (LLy, KRo, JS, BZ; 1992-
  45, TPRF #1106).  A photograph of this bird appeared in the
  January 6 edition of the El Paso Herald-Post.  An immature
  male was photographed and tape recorded in Sinton, San
  Patricio during its stay 13 November 1992 - 19 February 1993
  (LS, MS, CC, GS, JM, EM, RRa, MC, AC, GDL, CH, JD, GL; 1992-
  132, TPRF #1101, TBSL #203-12).  A photograph documenting this
  record was published in AB 47:320.

     Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae) (4).  One immature
  male was photographed and tape recorded in El Paso, El Paso on
  16-17 September 1992 (BZ; 1993-3, TPRF #xxxx, TBSL #xxx-xx).

     Lewis' Woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis) (24).  One was in
  GMNP, Culberson on 3 December 1991 (MC, AC; 1992-163).  One
  was photographed near Davis Mountains SP, Jeff Davis during
  its stay 22 February - 10 May 1992 (CH, LA, PG, TF, PF, KB;
  1992-48, TPRF #1091).  One was photographed in Richardson,
  Collin during its stay 6 April - 2 May 1992 (AV, JP, MP, MR;
  1992-62, TPRF #1089).

     Greater Pewee (Contopus pertinax) (3).  A singing bird
  was at 7600 feet on Mt. Livermore in the Davis Mountains, Jeff
  Davis on 20 May 1992 (JTr; 1992-94).

     Tropical Kingbird (Tyrannus melancholicus) (3).  Up to
  six, one of which was tape recorded, were outside Harlingen,
  Cameron from 25 December 1991 - present (OC, BM, GL, MMa, TRH;
  1992-34, TBSL #203-10).

     Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis) (3).  One was at
  Packery Channel, Nueces from 23 May - 1 June 1992 (MC, AC, GS,
  PP, WS, CS, GL, CM; 1992-74, TPRF #1082).  A photograph
  documenting this third record for Texas was published in AB

     Rose-throated Becard (Pachyramphus aglaiae) (15/12).  An
  immature male was on the Norias Division of the King Ranch,
  Kenedy on 20 January 1992 (JGo; 1992-18).

     Clay-colored Robin (Turdus grayi) (43/38).  One was
  photographed at Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo on 16-17 January 1992
  (SF; 1992-47, TPRF #1095).  A pair was at Anzalduas County
  Park, Zapata on 1 May 1992 (PL; 1992-133).  One was in
  McAllen, Hidalgo on 1 February 1993 (SM; 1993-28).

     Varied Thrush (Ixoreus naevius) (15).  One was in
  Lubbock, Lubbock on 15 December 1990 (MN, NO; 1991-108).  One
  was in Lubbock again on 14 December 1991 (DSt; 1993-13).  A
  female was at Davis Mountains SP, Jeff Davis from 8-27 March
  1992 (JMu, DMu, KB; 1992-56, TPRF #1088).  A photograph
  documenting this record was published in AB 46:448.

     Yellow-green Vireo (Vireo flavoviridis) (7).  One
  surprisingly territorial bird was photographed and tape
  recorded in Austin, Travis during its stay 3 May - 5 July 1992
  (BR, GL, VE, LA, BS, CS, GDL, DW, MW, CM; 1992-69, TPRF 
  #1092, TBSL #203-10).  A photograph documenting this first record 
  for Central Texas was published in AB 46:500. 

     Black-whiskered Vireo (Vireo altiloquus) (9).  One was at
  Packery Channel, Nueces on 15 April 1992 (WJ, CJ; 1992-67). 
  One (probably different) individual was at Packery Channel on
  17 May 1992 (AC; 1992-80).

     Connecticut Warbler (Oporornis agilis) (6).  One was in
  Crosby, Harris on 29 September 1992 (GDL; 1992-118).

     Rufous-capped Warbler (Basileuterus rufifrons) (7).  One
  was at Dolan Falls Ranch, Val Verde on 10 January 1993 (JKa;

     Olive Warbler (Peucedramus taeniatus) (1).  One first-
  spring male was at 8200 feet on Mt. Livermore, Jeff Davis on
  19 May 1992 (JG, KB; 1992-72, TPRF #1094).  A photograph
  documenting this first record for Texas was published in AB
  46:450.  While one other record is still circulating in the
  committee, several reports from BBNP, primarily from the 70s,
  remain unsubmitted.

     Baird's Sparrow (Ammodramus bairdii) (10).  Two to four
  were on the Presidio/Jeff Davis county line on 17 April 1992
  (JD; 1992-96).  One was photographed in San Antonio, Bexar
  during its brief stay 29 April - 1 May 1992 (WS; 1992-85, TPRF
  #1084).  One was netted at Big Bend Ranch State Natural Area,
  Presidio on 29 October 1992 (KB; 1992-165, TPRF #xxxx).  A
  photograph documenting this record was published in AB 47:120.

     Henslow's Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowsii) (22).  One was
  in Corpus Christi, Nueces on 30 December 1972 (CBe, JSm; 1992-
  107).  One was at Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR, Colorado on 20
  December 1983 (WSh; 1992-103).  One was in southern Panola on
  29 December 1991 (DW, MW; 1992-35).  One was photographed near
  Monaville, Waller on 31 December 1991 (JD; 1992-30, TPRF
  #1074).  Two were near Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Jasper on 10
  November 1992 (RRa; 1992-151).

     Golden-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia atricapilla) (11). 
  One immature was netted and banded at Davis Mountains SP, Jeff
  Davis on 11 November 1992 (KB; 1992-166, TPRF #xxxx).  A
  photograph documenting this record was published in AB 47:168.

     Yellow-eyed Junco (Junco phaeonotus) (4).  One was at
  Boot Springs, BBNP, Brewster on 17 June 1980 (PB; 1993-24).

     Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis) (2).  One male was
  caught in a cowbird trap at Fort Hood, Coryell on 12 June 1992
  (GE, C&JJ, GL; 1992-81, *TCWC #xxxxx, TPRF #1083).  A
  photograph documenting this second record for Texas was
  published in AB 46:1195.  As was the case with the first Texas
  record of this species, this bird was caught within range of
  an active Black-capped Vireo colony.  The bird was eventually
  dispatched, and the specimen was preserved.

     White-winged Crossbill (Loxia leucoptera) (3).  One
  female was in Aledo, Parker from 12 December 1992 - 27
  February 1993 (T&JN, CH, GDL, GL, CM; 1992-160, TPRF #xxxx). 
  A photograph documenting this third record for Texas was
  published in AB 47:277.
                     Accepted Presumptive Species
     Social Flycatcher (Myiozetetes similis) (1).  One was at
  Anzalduas County Park, Hidalgo from 17 March - 5 April 1990
  (TP, OC, JM, RG, LG, MH, PMi; 1990-83).  It was unfortunate
  that photographs were not taken/uncovered since such evidence
  would have supported the first fully-documented U.S. record. 
  As it turned out, this was a complicated record for the
  committee to review.  Some members felt the submitted reports
  gave either incomplete or contradictory information, and there
  was a sense that not everyone was reporting the same bird
  (kiskadees were present).  After three circulations of
  indecision, the committee ruled to accept the record at the
  1993 annual meeting based primarily on the initial
                          Unaccepted Records
     A number of factors may contribute to a record being
  denied acceptance.  It is quite uncommon for a record to not
  be accepted because the bird was obviously misidentified. 
  More commonly, a record is denied acceptance because the
  material submitted to the TBRC was incomplete, insufficient,
  superficial, or just too vague to properly document the
  reported occurrence while eliminating all other similar
  species.  Also, written documentation or descriptions prepared
  entirely from memory weeks, months, or years after a sighting
  are seldom voted on favorably.  It is important that we stress
  here that the simple act of not accepting a particular record
  should by no means indicate that the TBRC or any of its
  members necessarily feels the record did not occur as
  reported.  The non-acceptance of any record simply reflects
  the opinion of the TBRC that the documentation, as submitted,
  did not meet the rigorous standards appropriate for adding
  data to the formal historical record.  The TBRC makes every
  effort to be as fair and objective as possible regarding each
  record.  If the committee is unsure about any particular
  record, it prefers to err on the conservative side and not
  accept a good record rather than validate a bad one.  All
  records, whether accepted or not, remain on file and can be
  re-submitted to the committee if additional substantive
  material is presented.
     Red-throated Loon (Gavia stellata).  One (1992-146) at
  Galveston, Galveston on 15 February 1986.

     Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps auritus).  One (1992-139) at
  the Texas City Dike, Galveston on 11 January 1983.  One (1992-
  44) at Laguna Atascosa NWR, Cameron on 23 January 1992.

     Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus).  One (1992-143) at
  Anahuac NWR, Chambers on 27 June 1981.  One (1992-137) at
  Anahuac NWR from 1-8 May 1982.  One (1991-107) on Galveston
  Island, Galveston on 22 August 1991.  One (1991-133) in east
  Fort Worth, Tarrant on 28 September 1991.  

     West Indian Whistling-Duck (Dendrocygna arborea).  One
  (1992-124) in Austin, Travis from late May - 3 October 1992
  may well have escaped from a nearby duck farm.  As a result,
  the record was unaccepted on grounds of questionable origin.

     American Black Duck (Anas rubripes).  One (1992-105) at
  Hagerman NWR, Grayson on 20 December 1980.  Two (1992-102) at
  Lake Balmorhea, Reeves on 15 December 1984.  Sixteen (1992-33)
  in Cameron on 28 December 1991.  Separating this species from
  our dark Gulf coast form of Mottled Duck is extremely
  difficult; it is probably the least appreciated identification
  problem in North America today.

     Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis).  One (1992-104) in
  Alice, Jim Wells on 21 December 1980.

     Limpkin (Aramus guarauna).  One (1991-120) old specimen
  was collected allegedly in Brownsville, Cameron on 23 May 1889
  (*AMNH 79775).  While its identification has never been
  disputed, the location of collection has been questioned.  On
  the back of a suspected dealer's tag on the specimen is
  scrawled the annotation: "(loc. dubious)".  

     Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima).  One (1992-126) in
  Austin, Travis on 19 September 1975.  One (1992-4) at
  Freeport, Brazoria on 15 December 1991.

     Broad-billed Sandpiper (Limicola falcinellus).  One (1992-
  95) at McAllen, Hidalgo on 3 June 1992.

     Ruff (Philomachus pugnax).  One (1992-155) at High Island,
  Galveston on 29 April 1979.  One (1991-83) on Matagorda
  Island, Calhoun on 14 May 1991.

     Little Gull (Larus minutus).  One (1992-170) at Cooper
  Lake, Delta on 10 October 1992.

     Heermann's Gull (Larus heermanni).  One (1992-138) in
  east Harris on 24 January 1984.

     California Gull (Larus californicus).  One (1992-106) in
  Corpus Christi, Nueces on 30 December 1972.

     Thayer's Gull (Larus thayeri).  One (1992-157) at
  Galveston, Galveston on 16 January 1982.  Three (1992-10) at
  Boca Chica, Cameron on 1 January 1987.

     Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus).  One (1991-19)
  at Boca Chica, Cameron on 2 October 1989.  This bird was
  originally submitted (1989-259) as a Great Black-backed Gull
  (see Lasley, 1990).  Photographs of this very badly worn
  second-summer bird were circulated three times through the
  committee and to outside experts.  The record was finally
  rejected at the annual meeting as its identity remains
  controversial.  One (1990-41) at San Luis Pass, Galveston on
  12 November 1989.  One (1992-88) at Laguna Atascosa NWR,
  Cameron on 12 January 1990.  One (1992-89) at Laguna Atascosa
  on 19 February 1990.  Two (1992-90) at Laguna Atascosa on 24
  February 1990.  There was not enough material in these last
  four records to eliminate other dark-backed gull species.

     Ruddy Ground-Dove (Columbina talpacoti).  One (1993-14)
  in Hidalgo on 13 January 1993.

     Northern Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium gnoma).  One (1992-50) in
  GMNP, Culberson on 4 December 1991.  Heard-only records of
  this species which are not tape recorded (a pocket-sized
  microcassette recorder is all it takes) continue to be
  carefully scrutinized.

     Black Swift (Cypseloides niger).  One (1992-136) at Crystal
  Beach, Galveston on 23 April 1983.

     White-eared Hummingbird (Hylocharis leucotis).  One (1991-
  115) in GMNP, Culberson on 8 August 1991.

     Allen's Hummingbird (Selasphorus sasin).  One (1992-149) in
  Sinton, San Patricio on 25 November 1992.  One (1993-27)
  photographed in Salineno, Starr from January - February 1993. 
  Since specimens of green-backed Rufous Hummingbirds apparently
  exist, the committee has consistently not accepted sight and
  even photographic records of supposed Allen's Hummingbirds
  when hand-held measurements of tail feathers have been
  lacking.  Such was the case with the above two records.

     Pacific-slope Flycatcher (Empidonax difficilis).  One
  (1992-63) in Brewster on 15 February 1992.

     Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher (Myiodynastes luteiventris). 
  One (1991-86) in Corpus Christi, Nueces on 28 April 1991.  One
  (1992-164) at Port Aransas, Nueces on 2 October 1992.  While
  both these records were of obvious Myiodynastes-type
  flycatchers, the submitted documentation did not eliminate
  Streaked or even Variegated Flycatcher completely: the
  occurrence of Streaked Flycatcher in Texas has been predicted
  for some time now and bears careful consideration.

     Rose-throated Becard (Pachyramphus aglaiae).  Two (1992-98)
  at Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo on 29-31 December 1986.  One (1992-
  19) in northwest Upshur on 25 June 1991.

     Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus).  Two or more (1992-
  140) in Houston, Harris from late December 1982 - 6 February

     Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapillus).  One (1991-127) in
  Dallas, Dallas on 17 September 1991.  This is not a review
  species, but given the locale and habitat involved, its review
  was requested.  Most committeee members concluded the
  description did not eliminate Solitary Vireo.

     Connecticut Warbler (Oporornis agilis).  One (1992-162)
  at La Porte, Harris on 4-5 November 1992.

     Gray-crowned Yellowthroat (Geothlypis poliocephala).  One
  (1993-20) at Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo from 30 December 1992 - 2
  January 1993.

     Yellow Grosbeak (Pheucticus chrysopeplus).  One (1992-114)
  in BBNP, Brewster on 9 September 1992.

     Henslow's Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii).  One or more
  (1991-109) at College Station, Brazos on 15 December 1990. 
  One (1991-110) at Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR, Colorado on 19
  December 1990.

     Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis).  Two or three (1991-
  82) at Anahuac NWR, Chambers on 21 April 1991.

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                           TBRC Review List
     The TBRC requests details, including descriptions and
  photos if possible, of all records of the following species.
     Review List A. -- Rarities:  These species, in general,
  include birds that have occurred four or fewer times per year
  anywhere in Texas over a ten-year average.  The TBRC requests
  documentation for review for any new or any previously
  unsubmitted record of the below species no matter how long ago
  the record occurred.  The TBRC also requests details on any
  record of a species not yet accepted on the Texas State List.
     Red-throated Loon, Pacific Loon, Yellow-billed Loon, Red-
  necked Grebe, Yellow-nosed Albatross, White-chinned Petrel,
  Greater Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater, Manx Shearwater,
  Audubon's Shearwater, Wilson's Storm-Petrel, Leach's Storm-
  Petrel, Band-rumped Storm-Petrel, Red-billed Tropicbird, Blue-
  footed Booby, Brown Booby, Red-footed Booby, Glossy Ibis,
  Jabiru, Greater Flamingo, Trumpeter Swan, Brant, American
  Black Duck, White-cheeked Pintail, Garganey, Eurasian Wigeon,
  Harlequin Duck, Barrow's Goldeneye, Masked Duck, Snail Kite,
  Northern Goshawk, Crane Hawk, Roadside Hawk, Short-tailed
  Hawk, Paint-billed Crake, Spotted Rail, Double-striped Thick-
  Knee, Collared Plover, Northern Jacana, Wandering Tattler,
  Eskimo Curlew, Surfbird, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Purple
  Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper, Ruff, Red Phalarope, Long-tailed
  Jaeger, Little Gull, Common Black-headed Gull, Heermann's
  Gull, Mew Gull, California Gull, Thayer's Gull, Iceland Gull,
  Lesser Black-backed Gull, Slaty-backed Gull, Western Gull,
  Glaucous Gull, Great Black-backed Gull, Black-legged
  Kittiwake, Sabine's Gull, Elegant Tern, Bridled Tern, Brown
  Noddy, Black Noddy, Ruddy Ground-Dove, Mangrove Cuckoo, Snowy
  Owl, Northern Pygmy-Owl, Mottled Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl,
  White-collared Swift, Green Violet-ear, Green-breasted Mango,
  Broad-billed Hummingbird, White-eared Hummingbird, Violet-
  crowned Hummingbird, Costa's Hummingbird, Allen's Hummingbird,
  Elegant Trogon, Lewis' Woodpecker, Ivory-billed Woodpecker
  (presumed extirpated in Texas), Greenish Elaenia, Tufted
  Flycatcher, Greater Pewee, Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Sulphur-
  bellied Flycatcher, Tropical Kingbird, Thick-billed Kingbird,
  Gray Kingbird, Fork-tailed Flycatcher, Rose-throated Becard,
  Masked Tityra, Gray-breasted Martin, Clark's Nutcracker,
  Black-billed Magpie, American Dipper, Clay-colored Robin,
  White-throated Robin, Rufous-backed Robin, Varied Thrush,
  Aztec Thrush, Black Catbird, Bohemian Waxwing, Gray Silky-
  flycatcher, Yellow-green Vireo, Black-whiskered Vireo, Yucatan
  Vireo, Connecticut Warbler, Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, Red-
  faced Warbler, Golden-crowned Warbler, Rufous-capped Warbler,
  Olive Warbler, Crimson-collared Grosbeak, Blue Bunting,
  Yellow-faced Grassquit, Baird's Sparrow, Henslow's Sparrow,
  Golden-crowned Sparrow, Yellow-eyed Junco, Snow Bunting, Shiny
  Cowbird, Black-vented Oriole, Pine Grosbeak, White-winged
  Crossbill, Common Redpoll, Lawrence's Goldfinch.
     Review List B. -- Species under special study by sub-
  committee of TBRC concerning their distribution and status in
  Texas:  Records of these species will not be formally reviewed
  by the TBRC (except for winter Swainson's Hawk and
  Semipalmated Sandpiper records which will be reviewed), but
  documentation is requested to assist in these studies.
     Clark's Grebe, Cory's Shearwater, Muscovy Duck, Common
  Black-Hawk, Swainson's Hawk (December-January), Aplomado
  Falcon (reintroduction program in progress), Semipalmated
  Sandpiper (December-January), Pomarine Jaeger, Parasitic
  Jaeger, Spotted Owl, Williamson's Sapsucker, Northern Shrike.
     Presumptive Species List. -- The following is the
  official TBRC list of species for which written descriptions
  of sight records have been accepted by the TBRC but the
  species has not yet met the requirements for full acceptance
  on the Texas List (specimen, photo, or tape recording for at
  least one record).
     White-crowned Pigeon, Berylline Hummingbird, Social
  Flycatcher, Slate-throated Redstart.

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