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Two Black-headed Gulls: both Adult Basic
Photo by: Martin Reid
March 10 1998
Village Creek Water Treatment Facility
Tarrant County, Tx

See Below:

The bird on the left is the same individual featured in the pictures from January 1998. The bird on the right - discovered March 2 - has a band on the left leg. I have been informed that no Black-headed Gull has ever been banded in North America. The band is aluminum with inscribed figures, typical of those used in Britain (and the rest of Europe?). So far it has not been possible to read any detail from the band. Update: January 10, 2000:- The (presumed) same banded bird returned in '98/'99 and '99/'00; on January 7, 2000 the complete band data was read in the field, and the following details were received today: Banded as "young out of nest" on June 29, 1996 at Hameenkyro, Hame, Finland (c. 100 miles NW of Helsinki) - the first record from the USA of a bird banded in Finland.

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