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Texas Bird Records Committee

Report Form

This form is intended as a convenience in reporting observations of rare or unusual birds. It may be used flexibly and need not be used at all except as a guideline. Attach additional sheets as necessary. PLEASE PRINT IN BLACK INK OR TYPE. Attach original field notes, drawings, photos, etc., if possible. When complete, mail to: Mark Lockwood, Secretary, Texas Bird Records Committee, 2001 Fort Davis Hwy, #15, Alpine, Texas 79830. Thank you! NOTE: to send this report electronically, copy this text into a blank word-processing document, complete the form, then send it as an attachment to the TBRC Secretary.


  1. Common and scientific name:
  2. Number of individuals, sexes, ages, general plumage (e.g., 2 adults in breeding plumage):
  3. Location (include specific County in Texas):
  4. Date and time observed:
  5. Reporting observer and address:
  6. Other observers:
  7. Light conditions:
  8. Optical equipment:
  9. Distance to bird:
  10. Duration of observation:
  11. Habitat (be specific):
  12. Description: (Include only what was actually seen, not what "should" have been seen. Include, if possible, size and shape of the bird, the bill, the eye color, other characters. Include plumage patterns and colors. Try to describe voice, behavior, or anything else that might help to confirm the identification.)
  13. How were similar species eliminated?
  14. Was it photographed? By whom? Attached?
  15. Previous experience with this and similar species:
  16. List any books or references used in identification:
    • a. at time of observation:
    • b. after observation:
  17. This description was written from:_________notes made during observation; ________notes made after observation; ___________memory.
  18. Are you positive of your identification?__________ If not, explain:
  19. Signature of reporter along with date and time of writing this account:

Please attach additional sheets if necessary.

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