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This shrike shows a pale base to the lower mandible, obvious hook to the maxilla (upper mandible), gray forecrown feathers reaching the base of the maxilla, and a hint of barring on the mid-flanks - yet it is a Loggerhead Shrike. A Northern should show more distinct underparts barring, a longer and narrower-looking bill, a paler and less-rounded forehead, a stronger white border above that part of mask behind the eye, and the loral part the black mask much reduced in thickness. One other good feature for adult birds is the tendency in Northerns for the top of the eye to protrude above the adjoining rear edge of the back mask - Loggerheads never seem to show this. Scroll down to view photos of a similar bird from Tarrant County with a narrower loral mask


Loggerhead Shrike
Photo by: Hank Hoffman
late Nov 1997
NW Coke Co.

Loggerhead Shrike
Photo by: Martin Reid
late January 1998
Tarrant County

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