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These stills of two Blue-morph Ross's Geese are from video made by John and Barbara Ribble near Karnes City, Texas on February 17, 1999. The dull late-afternoon light, drizzle, and distance to the birds prevented any still photography - getting this video footage was a remarkable achievement, given the conditions. Blue-morph Ross's Geese are very rare, but with the recent huge increase in the overall population (there were more than 120 in this flock of c.2,000 geese), more Blues may be recorded. The left bird was the most striking, with a head pattern that was surprisingly like a Long-tailed Duck! The right bird was much more like a miniature Blue Snow Goose, but like the left bird it had more extensive pale areas in the scapulars which were whiter than on Blue Snows See below for another example:

Here is another adult Blue-morph Ross's Goose found by Matt White at Lake Tawakoni, Van Zandt County on Jan 30, 2000:

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