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The Texas Bird Records Committee (TBRC) is a standing committee of the Texas Ornithological Society (T.O.S.).

Our primary purpose is to validate records of birds from the state of Texas and adjacent ocean. Bird records typically originate as written descriptions and/or photographs that are submitted by observers involved with the discovery of a rare bird.

By judging the authenticity of these submitted reports, our aim is to contribute to the study of bird distribution and vagrancy. For more information about our committee's purposes and procedures, feel free to browse our bylaws.

We actively solicit reports of any species on our TBRC Review List as well as any species not currently on the official Texas State List. A parallel activity of the committee is to solicit information on unlocated specimens.

We desire written descriptions as well as photographs, video, and audio recordings if available. For an idea of what is requested in a written description, consult our Rarity Report Form.

Each year, the committee publishes an Annual Report in the Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society detailing the decisions on all species reviewed during that year.

Each year, the committee also publishes the meeting minutes of our Annual Meetings.

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